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 Four movements help you get your hips

  In our fitness training, the buttocks are an indispensable training part, regardless of men and women. For fitness veterans, there are many hip training movements, and they also attach great importance to hip training; for novices, they are very confused about how to train the hips. So what do you know about the movements of novice hip training? Let's go to the fitness knowledge place to take a look!

  What are the novice hip training exercises

  Crab walking sideways

  First, you need to open your feet slightly as wide as your shoulders. The toes and knees are facing forward, and the back should be straight, the core needs to be tightened, our hands can be folded and placed on our chest, and then squat down on the hips. After completing these preparatory actions, move about 15-20 steps to one side, and then move about 15-20 steps to the other side. This training method of crab walking sideways can well train the endurance of our hip muscles and thigh muscles.

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  kneeling posture and raising the leg

  First find a yoga mat or a comfortable floor, weigh our two knees and two hands on the ground, tighten the core, and keep the hip joints and body stable. Then raise one leg and bend our knees so that the direction of the calf is upwards. Extend the hip joint back as you breathe. Contract your hips as much as possible and lift your thighs up. During each training session, you can do about 15-20 reps with one leg, and then alternate with the other leg.

  What are the novice hip training exercises

  squat jump

  First, we need to find a relatively high step or step and jump box, we need to ensure that they are relatively safe. Then stand facing the steps, with your feet shoulder-width apart, your toes facing forward, and your hands should also make fists on your chest, and then squat down as you inhale. When exhaling, the buttocks force the core to tighten and jump up to the top of the steps. Then jump back to the ground while inhaling, do about 15 in each group, and each training can be controlled in about four groups.

  lunge left and right squat

  First, we need to put one foot on the training bench, the same hands are crossed on the chest, and then we need to be in a straight state, tighten your core, squat down to the front, thighs and the ground Parallel is sufficient. Cross the training light on the back leg and squat left and right while doing 20 reps. Do four sets on each side.


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