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How to recover from calf strains?

  As most people do not pay attention to muscle stretching before exercise, resulting in poor muscle stress, lack of toughness, easy muscle strain. And this article mainly explains how to deal with calf muscle strain when it can be recovered quickly.

  First let's understand the calf muscle, as shown.

  A, why set sports fitness

  Warm-up before exercise, hydration during exercise, stretching after exercise. All of these are excellent ways to protect your legs during leg exercises. Without doing these well, you run the risk of winning the lottery and causing a calf strain. Leg exercises that are not warmed up before exercise can cause tension in the calf muscles of the gastrocnemius or flounder.

  In particular, sudden changes in the way the foot lands, resulting in stress deformation should change horribly and can leada to tendon strains, foot breaks or fractures. Exercises without timely hydration can also lead to muscle soreness or cramping. Increasing the likelihood of tension. There is also the fact that misalignment of the foot puts an additional burden on the leg muscles. Again, increasing the likelihood of tension.

  When you win the lottery one day, the level of pain at first may not get your attention, but you still aren't bothered after a few days of forced exercise. Well, thank you, you've added three months to your doctor's commission.

  But if you pay attention in advance and learn these remedies, you can relieve muscle tension. You can recover quickly.

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  Second, recovery methods

  1. Hot and cold compresses

  The beginning of the strain is accompanied by swelling and pain, and ice can be used to reduce the swelling. After one or two hours, it is recommended to use hot compresses to activate blood circulation.

  2、The use of fixed devices

  At this time it is necessary to use foot immobilization devices to prevent secondary sprains. Foot immobilization devices can also share some weight so that you can complete basic walking. 3、Medication-assisted treatment

  If possible, use medication such as Yunnan Baiyao cream to assist in the treatment. Do not spray directly on the injured part, but apply it to other uninjured parts of the skin first for allergy testing.

  4、Physiotherapy rehabilitation method

  After the disease is alleviated, to carry out restorative physical therapy means, remember not to force too hard. Slowly stretch the wound. When you encounter some mild pain, immediately stop stretching, and then relax the injured part. After resting for a few minutes, try stretching again. Repeat ten times, when the injured part does not feel so painful, to achieve the purpose of promoting blood circulation to the injured part. Then relax the injured part completely.

  5、Gentle massage

  Perform a gentle massage. When after a few days of recovery, the effect is still good.

  6, push the wall stretching try to do the pushing wall exercises shown below. Stand as shown in the picture, slowly contract your arms, let your body lean forward, feel the leg muscles get a significant stretch, relax with a painful feeling, and then come back after ten seconds. Twice a day, do about ten minutes each time.

  III. Summary

  These methods can help you recover quickly and save a lot of medical expenses. But in addition to these also need you to strengthen the calf muscles, especially the toughness of the Achilles tendon exercise, before it's too late to do a good job of prevention.


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