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Can I eat muscle building powder to gain weight and gain weight?

  Friends who have just started working out are more or less knowledgeable about fitness supplements. The appropriate use of fitness supplements, for their own fitness effect has a significant improvement. So for the thin people to eat muscle building powder can gain weight gain? Then we need to understand the difference between weight gain powder, muscle building powder and muscle building powder.

  . The difference between the three

  Weight gainer, muscle building powder and muscle building powder, the three names are not much different, which can be seen from their English name "Weight gainer". Mainly because of the different content or the ratio of carbohydrates and protein powder is different, resulting in different names. Generally speaking, the protein content is about 15% for weight gainer; 30% for muscle gainer; and the protein content of muscle building powder will be higher.

  Can you gain weight by eating muscle building powder?

  Eat muscle building powder does not mean that is to grow fat, muscle and fat are not transformed into each other, fat is part of fat, the more fat accounted for the proportion, can only make the body worse. The most important effect of eating muscle building powder is to make the muscles bigger, with exercise persistently, not to interrupt, and then eat protein powder, which will make the muscles achieve a good effect, while according to the usual diet, often exercise, their own thin image will slowly transform.

  muscle gain

  Often listen to thin people complain that there is no fast fattening drugs. In fact, to gain weight and fitness, and do not resort to drugs, as long as a healthy diet, scientific exercise, the reasonable choice of muscle building products, long-term, fat gain is possible to slowly achieve. And simply eating muscle building powder for the vast majority of people is not much effect.

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  Eat muscle building powder to gain weight?

  If you want to grow in weight, you need adequate nutrition. The three meals a day, high protein, high calorie diet, is the only way to gain weight. Unlike ordinary people, who only need to meet the daily physical energy consumption, weight gainers must consume a variety of nutrients to meet the growth of muscle, such as protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and so on. Human protein content accounts for about 16% of body weight and is mainly found in the body's muscles. Therefore, we can gain weight while gaining muscle. So, for muscle growth you need to get enough protein and do muscle building.

  Muscle gain

  For the thin body, want to increase weight, light weight, want to quickly increase muscle, exercise, taking protein powder to increase muscle effect is not obvious in these three categories of people, as long as you adhere to take muscle building powder with exercise for 3 months, weight gain 15 pounds is absolutely no problem.

  Too much intake will increase the burden on the kidneys

  Of course not eat more muscle building powder weight gain is more obvious, because the human body protein metabolism produces nitrogenous substances (uric acid, urea) mainly through the urine, feces, sweat discharge, so if excessive consumption, it will cause a certain burden on the human kidneys, uric acid, urea formation and elimination will be blocked. If you continue to blindly consume large amounts of protein at this time, it may cause kidney failure in humans. So how much muscle building powder to take every day needs to be taken in accordance with the specifications.


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