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Professional fitness meals, weight loss and healthy fitness meal recipes

  Good body = three points to eat + seven points to practice

  Fitness men and women usually need to supplement the daily nutrition of the 7 major categories, fitness people will consume more nutrition daily, the demand for nutrition will also be greater, we should know how to supplement the healthy nutrition, rather than blindly eat Oh!

  . What is a fitness meal?

  In terms of food nutrition, any meal is composed of three nutrients, fitness meals are also the same: 1.

  1. fat

  Fatty foods

  2. Protein

  Protein food

  3. Carbohydrates


  The above three are the most abundant nutrients in food, so they are called "macronutrients", and their counterparts are "micronutrients", which include vitamins and minerals.

  . There are some differences/characteristics of fitness meals compared with normal meals

  1. Carbohydrate, protein and fat ratio




  Generally speaking, carbohydrates take the lead, followed by protein, and the rest is given to fat

electric blender bottle

  2. The protein intake requirement is higher than the general meal plan

  Protein foods

  For fitness people, 1.5-2g/kg/day protein intake is more standard, so a 70kg fitness person needs about 105-140g of protein per day, divided into 4 meals, then each meal should consume at least 25g of protein, equivalent to a cooked chicken breast of about 85-90g, or about 125g of cooked fish;

  3. Carbohydrates should prefer whole grains that are rich in dietary fiber and not deeply processed

  Grain-based foods

  These staple foods are not easy to cause post-meal blood sugar fluctuations, a strong sense of satiety, and high nutritional value;

  4. Fat should be high quality unsaturated fatty acids.

  olive oil

  Such as: olive oil, corn oil, deep-sea fish, raw nuts, etc. These fats have a promotional effect on the health of the body, nevertheless, for most people, fat should still make up the smallest part of the overall diet, such as 10-15%.

  5. The three major white powders are white sugar, white salt and white flour that we try not to eat

  White salt

  If you can not avoid to eat, we should do low salt and sugar, too much salt and sugar is not only unhelpful to the body, and will bring damage to the cardiovascular and endocrine system, affecting the efficiency of muscle gain and fat loss, is a fitness meal should try to avoid the substance.


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