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How many minutes of running starts to burn fat

  In fact, the body is burning fat as soon as we start running. Because the body's main source of energy comes from fat, carbohydrates. When we first start running, the proportion of fat consumed by our body is very small, so this also causes many people insist on running for ten or twenty minutes every day, and insist on a long time without seeing the weight under! In fact, with the increase in our running time, the proportion of fat consumption is gradually increasing, when running 30 to 40 minutes later, the proportion of fat consumption more than 70%. So we can run more and more thin, reduce our body fat rate.

  In order to achieve a good running effect we should preferably run for more than 20 minutes each time and keep it at about 30 minutes, so that we can not only lose weight well but also avoid a lot of physical damage caused by exercise to ensure our health.

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  How to improve the efficiency of their own weight loss

  1. Perseverance

  If you insist on running every day, then in the long run, your weight will gradually drop and become more and more thin body better and better. We had better take a quarter as a cycle, so that we can better to stick to running, we can benefit from running.

  2. Multi-mode exercise

  Running is also divided into many kinds, cross-country running, accelerated running, fast and slow cross-running, we must learn to carry out multi-mode running training. There are many people who are running. After a period of time, their running level is firmly limited, while their weight loss effect will also gradually decline. This is all because of the bottleneck we encounter in running in order to improve the efficiency of running, the efficiency of weight loss, we must carry out a variety of modes of mixed training, which can improve the level of running, but also to accelerate the burning of body fat.


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