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Skinny people fitness how to train arms thick skinny people practice arm movements

  Many people with slender bodies they have a smaller body type, resulting in the arms also look very thin. This gives the appearance of a thin look, especially for boys. So many thin people want to fitness muscle, especially their arms to train more strong.


  Put down the hand straight, pull up after the chin over the bar. Of course, you just started to practice pull-ups, the action is not standard, it does not matter, anyway, the second head will still be practiced. But you'd better work towards the standard movements. The pull-ups will not only thicken your biceps, but will also make your back muscles look very good.

  2、Bending arm barbell

  Generally put down the arm angle of more than 90 degrees is fine, and then pull the barbell up. Because the curved arm barbell training biceps will be fixed arm, pull up the force is almost all your arm biceps contribution, so this method of training biceps is very effective.

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  3, bench press

  The bench press, needless to say, is the golden movement to train the pectoral muscles and triceps. Slow down fast, generally a complete bench press is, first with their own control of the slow speed of the barbell bar slightly briefly touch the chest and then quickly push up until the hand straight. The bench press is divided into the flat bench press, upward incline bench press, downward incline bench press. Among them, the "upward incline bench press" can be the most training to the triceps, triceps training the most effective.

  4. posture lifting hammer flexion and extension

  Sitting on the edge of the bench, feet naturally apart, feet flat on the ground. Each hand holds a dumbbell naturally hanging on both sides of the body, palms facing inward. Keeping your back straight, raise the dumbbells with your arms bent until your thumbs are close to your shoulders, press them as hard as you can, then slowly lower the dumbbells, rotate your wrists so that your palms are facing backwards, and repeat the lift. Repeat for 8-12 times.


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